The Donut Shop | ABOUT
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Down on his luck, an aspiring chef and father of two twin boys, Roy Clavens, takes a job at Munny’s Donuts. After seeing the unhealthy practices of making a donut, he begins to concoct a recipe to make an organic donut that tastes just like the real thing. Along the way, Roy faces challenges from his gambling boss, Benni Munny, who has financial problems of his own, and Roy must learn how to recognize and deal with his crazy customers. There’s Jay Dubb, a meth-head who always wants free food; Dirty Eddy, a Socrates quoting homeless man; Baggs, Roy’s shady best friend who has another idea for an “organic” donut, and slutty Shantel who wants more from Roy than just his donuts.

Desperate times will call for desperate recipes at…