The Donut Shop | Cast & Crew
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Cast & Crew

The Cast


      Theo Ogunyode –  Roy         Saria Daniels –  Hanna


duane          Tatiata Piccone - picture

Duane Taniguchi – Munny     Tatiana Piccone – Angela

cesili_NEW          lawerence

Cecili Williams – Sheila     Lawrence Lacey – Jay Dubb



 T’iis and Taiden Ogunyode – The Twins


     David Masters – Eddie          Romel Jamison – Baggs


11by17          melva

     Mike Ivy – Jones          Melva Clivens – Shantel



Courtney's Headshot 5-25-15

Courtney Stark


Katherine Bynum

KERBEL yellow

Adam Kerbel

Jeremiah Tatum

Tia Batiste

The Crew

Theo Ogunyode – Director/ Producer / Creator

Anitra Lawson – Assistant Director

Tia Batiste – 1st Assistant Director

Daniel Micko – UPM

Adrian Thomas – Production Designer / Art Director

Brandon Mason – Writer/ Script Supervisor

Adam Thomashaw – Script Supervisor

Gabriel Ushuay – Hair/Makeup

Romel Jamison – Wardrobe

Jeremiah Tatum – Wardrobe

Gregory Nutt – DP

Walter Marquez – Sound Mixer

John Jovan Dajkovich – Cam Op / Lighting Tech

Luther McGill – AC/DIT

Alex Norodom – Set Photographer

Ivanna Mitchell – PA

Trinity McGhee – PA

Rachel Parker – PA



ReddClay Films

New Leaf Film

Simple Syrup

Associate Producers

Erich Smith

Scott Crawley


Anitra Lawson

Gregory Nutt

Vernon Reid

Janet Arlotta


Executive Producer

Sufe Bradshaw

Roman Hill